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RevelSec Delivers Full-Stack Security Solution

by Raziah Moses

RevelSec provides a full suite of cybersecurity solutions and services to proactively support their customers’ data and maintain a solid security posture. RevelSec pairs their experienced security engineers with best-in-breed partners to better secure, prevent, and defend all aspects of enterprise infrastructure. CYBERFORCE, a Palo Alto Networks technical recognition program, rewards our most elite partners for their pre- and post-sales expertise. View the value of CYBERFORCE.

Credit Union Needs Right Security Solution To Protect In-House Applications And Customer Data

A large and growing Midwestern credit union in the U.S. with more than 300,000 members wanted to specialize in technology-driven banking. Amid increasing competition to attract and retain customers, the credit union sought to differentiate themselves with customized digital banking applications developed in-house. The credit union hosted their applications on premise, valuing visibility and control of their IT environment. They required the right security solutions to keep those applications secure and available, while protecting the privacy of their customers’ data. When Mark Kinnear, Senior Solutions Architect and CYBERFORCE Hero, met with the credit union for the first time, they had several unrelated security point products, some Palo Alto Networks firewalls and one of the first versions of Cortex XDR for threat detection and response. In addition, their director of cybersecurity was challenged with having limited security resources. By listening and asking the right questions, Kinnear determined this customer:
• Liked their existing Palo Alto Networks firewalls but struggled with integrating their various security solutions into a cohesive and easy-to-manage environment
• Wanted to incorporate automation for better efficiency
• Needed help gathering and making sense of data from various network infrastructure logs to avoid cybersecurity visibility gaps
• Was reluctant to adopt migration to the cloud for fear of losing the control and visibility they wanted.

RevelSec On The Value Of CYBERFORCE:
At RevelSec, we are passionate about
protecting what matters most, being
trusted advisors for our customers, and
providing leading-edge cybersecurity
solutions. CYBERFORCE strongly aligns
with RevelSec’s cultural pillars of being
caring, coachable, trustworthy, and
committed – the pillars that allow us
to execute our passion. Our sales team
are excited to have a CYBERFORCE Hero
onboard, having heard about the rigor
and prestige of the program and what it
takes to achieve CYBERFORCE status.

CYBERFORCE Hero Showcases Benefits Of Security Platform
Keeping the customer’s challenges and business goals in mind, Kinnear demonstrated the benefits of various Palo Alto Networks security solutions and how they would work in the customer’s environment, such as how:
• Moving from Cortex XDR Prevent to XDR Pro would enrich telemetry data
• Cloud-based Cortex Data Lake logging service would simplify log management and store large amounts of data for security analysis, eliminating telemetry gaps
• Enhancing their existing platform would automatically secure DNS traffic
• Automation through Cortex XSOAR would efficiently perform repetitive tasks commonly used in incident response.
“We were able to demonstrate XSOAR, show them how the playbooks run, and explain the entire concept of getting all their logs in one place with the Data Lake logging service,” says Kinnear. “They can have XDR Pro do the security analytics, and then send as many logs as they want to Data Lake to enrich that solution.”

Relationship And Trust Turn Into Full Security Stack For Customer
Kinnear was able to transform the customer’s network of unique technologies into Palo Alto Networks’ vision of having one integrated platform. “After visiting Palo Alto Networks headquarters in Santa Clara, they were impressed with their 24/7/365 Security Operating Center, which is built on their own products to automate so many functions,” Kinnear says. “We were able to use that as the model to help them build out their own autonomous SOC within their environment.” Working alongside Palo Alto Networks sales and technical teams, RevelSec established a close relationship with the credit union and planned for upcoming security automation features the platform would offer. Within three years, they became one of the first customers to take advantage of Palo Alto Networks’ full security stack. Adopted solutions include Cortex XSOAR, Data Lake, Cortex XDR Pro for their endpoints, SaaS Security Inline for threat prevention via inline machine learning models, cloud-based SaaS Security API, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), IoT, AutoFocus, Advanced DNS Security, Advanced URL Filtering, Advanced Threat Prevention, and MineMeld for dynamic blocking rules on Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs). The uniformity of the Palo Alto Networks platform has impressed both Kinnear and the customer. “I’ve seen other companies make acquisitions and they let the technology go stale, never completely implementing it within the platform,” Kinnear says. “Palo Alto Networks is the only company I’ve seen that has taken so many acquisitions and put in the research and development time, effort, and expense to make them an integrated part of the platform rather than a siloed point solution.”

“Our CYBERFORCE Hero, Mark
Kinnear, is a tremendous resource.
He continues to provide advanced
guidance and expertise around our
entire Palo Alto Networks security
stack. He has been extremely
instrumental in helping us achieve
our desired results and maximum
return from our Palo Alto portfolio.”

VP, Information Security at large Midwestern credit union

Easier Management And Automation Make Lean Security Team More Efficient
The customer’s current three-member security team relies on the solution’s integrated management and automation to help them be more efficient at detecting and preventing security incidents involving their customers’ data. “We run Best Practice Assessments with them on a routine basis to show the value of the NGFWs and continually improve their security efficacy,” Kinnear says. “We are their partner and trusted advisor who they can call on with technical questions. We also help them stay current on their renewals, collaborate on their security stack solution, and help them navigate anything possible.

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